Thursday, May 7, 2009

kegilaan...pertama kali entri tanpa puisi dikalang...

Bila satu dah jadi semua,
masakan lara dah kian kikis,
Bila batu dah jadi tua,
masakan air keras menitis..

I woke up this morning or so called morning i think, well it's almost 12 pm, surely my mom would scream on me if i were at home. Ya, Haziq, he woke me up, "rumet, bangun ar.. let's go makan". This malay-chinese guy was so energetic, i wonder why. I replied, 'no' non-verbally. Then he went out of the room. Decided to continue my super duper bed time, and shit! I totally forgot that i need to pack all my 'anak-anak'. Kak Yan would come to bring them home.

Then without any plan, I followed my friend to Alor Star plus i need to pay my broadband bill which had been barr, shit celcom. dah la lembab, baru lambat bayar sikit dah nak barr barr. ingat ni exam apa. dah lah lembab. now i was regretting it, bought celcom broadband and it is damn fucking slow! slower than the siput babi (no offense tau, bukan selesema babi). Dah la i have one year contract. Serve me rite. But slow pun, it helps me a lot. Haha.

And something was happened that made me so sad. Ala-ala filem hindustan. Qeqe called me. Jeng jeng jeng. Haha. He was talking about the festari malaysia which was supposed to be held this coming tuesday, 12 mei. we were no longer participating due to 'takder bajet'. What the??!!!
i was disappointed after putting all my effort on it. Luckily i still survive kt uum ni walaupun cuti sbb kena comm..amender aa..nak jd cikgu BI pun aku kena comm..haha...nmpak sgt aku agak bongok...nway..sambung balik..others, like Dya, she was at home after finishing her papers earlier before, and came back because of that festari. PUUHH (i was trying to make bunyi ala-ala terbakar, tak tau camna) her ticket price was burnt! Pity, sorry and what else...hmmm... that's the world, politic, birocracy, democracy, money, bla bla bla...... and I was hoping that i tak kena comm!! I nak balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad, you're the best! By then, take me home please...guna la pintu doreamon ke, mesin masa ke, magic broom ker........zzzzzzzzzz.....