Tuesday, May 18, 2010

do not. dont.

just dont..
i cant..

i would love to..
but just dont..
i dont..

let me,
just let me..
tell u dont,
u dont..
just dont..

*pushing is just not my way**

You Tell Me lah.

trust me.
we can almost reach the light,
we stuck in the middle of the fight.
you know,
envy will give you the flow,
through any window,
of a child whose eyes never picked slow.

and now,
we are done.
across the line of any front,
you can get the humor of a pun,
it would make you stop running the shame run,
to show you,
the darkness is afraid over the sun.

**just nothing**
at home besarkan perut-cuti babe! =p

Monday, May 17, 2010

words for sengal ubi :)

no more tears.
no more cries.
no more laughs.
no more talks.
no more gossips.
no more hurts.
no more curses.
no more yells.
no more...facing each other..

memories would lie?
how strong we could try?
i love you till i die.

-aidie maula darus-
-haidi azwan mohamed-
-shahrilen shahrul anuar-
-tahdiah mustapha-
**tears every time i remember you**