Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry, Miss, None

the sun cries alone in the dark,
how come he leaves no words bring the luck,
care centuries waiting by heart,
shall end shall start choosing more a One,
the path stays with no joke regard.

he goes to the moon across the silver sky,
perhaps to see someone no lie,
the bless he gets through the bye,
no reason though he could die,
be the one who not to puzzle but dare to untie.

sorry is less love is bless,
wishing he stays with joy and grace,
even could not forget the lovely gaze,
will be waiting as heart is amazed.

none and none and none can be done,
only love and trust waiting for the One.

22nd January 2008
5.24 pm

Monday, January 7, 2008


I WISH YOU CAN FORGIVE ME! That is the thing I used to dream over and over for the entire of my life after the moment I hated so and so and so much. I would never be thinking that we would end up like this, though it might happen one day.

I WISH YOU CAN FORGIVE ME! I always dream that the device next to me all over the time will be ringing and popping your message on the screen. Then I'll be smiling reading like in heaven all the day of my life.

I WISH YOU CAN FORGIVE ME! I do not know what else can be done. Begging everyday, every night and every minute is meaningless. I know everything is my fault, but I love you more and more.


I WISH YOU CAN FORGIVE ME! But I know you won't. And it's hurt.

I WISH I CAN FORGET YOU......my love...

My Lady

cry across the shadow,
to erase so can please a pillow,
night and night she is a widow,
no sun, no sun. no sun, glow.

roses kill the bees,
a man comes with no kiss,
when bees do this,
everything is 'his'.

the heart is not like yours,
the crash came in when she grows,
try and try to be like those,
but the world say no, she shows.

she stands on her silver lining,
to cross the spit giving,
or rather to shift by wings,
step,a step, though she is unwilling,
till the power of circle she brings,
like no ending of a golden ring.

12.43 pm
januari 7 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008


aku berlari mencari bayang,
singgah lelah ku menusuk ke hati,
pudar rasa buas sebentar itu,
hanya kerana sedetik keringat memberi salam.

jika ku banding hidup aku,
mungkin dengan seseorang yang merasa sama,
mungkin tidak indah ibarat pokok,
kalau berguna, berguna la ia,
sebaliknya mungkin jatuh tiada kesan,
hatta nama tiada tinggal.

sungguh aku mencari semua kata-kata,
mungkin menjadi emas penunjuk,
lalu hidup selamanya berkilau,
tapi tidak,
mungkin tidak pernah,
tanpa satu kata yang lebih bernilai,
aku tahu jawapannya.

Kosong Ruang Suci

ruang itu aku isi penuh khusyuk,
ibarat mengengkek di titian akhir,
lalu terpana mata alpa melihat bungkam tumbuh di wajah.

kabus menyelinap indah,
sayu terasa diri ini lemah di tikar suci,
bersihkah air ini keluar dari mataku,
hingga debu turut berlari meludah hatinya.

gigil tanganku,
bukan sejuk angin pagi,
bukan dingin air suci,
tapi luka sendiri menusuk kaku,
moga sempat hati berlagu,
ke situ indah menunggu.

januari 6, 2008
10.12 pm

A Note for kERiyaki

This is a note for kERiyaki to please,
who's there in mind for the entire minutes,
from the boy who suffers in this.

the wind wakes him in a sudden mean,
blow and blow on his tiny chin,
glows his eyes enforces his grin,
to have you lovely stick on his skin.

he wont hesitate to lay on the dark,
shall he go on shall he say yark,
careless do that he might say luck,
because you lovely stick in his hug.

how come laymen do things they dont?
how come goldsmith save things he wont?
though reflects his mirror inside,
when you lovely stick on his ride.

he doesn't see flirt he doesn't meet hurt,
he doesn't get sicked he wont be picked,
even the call stopping his breath,
or tears mourning his death,
he wont say any else,
he'll be smiling, lucky through ways.

2.19 am
16 November 2007